Today I am going to show you how to side mount our drawers using Accuride ball bearing slides into a frameless cabinet.

To start let us look at the package we have sent you.

Our drawers are made using solid 5/8” birch and you will note dovetail construction.

To complete installation the following materials and tools are required. All materials will be supplied and included in pricing of drawer.

  1. ¾” spacer for bottom drawer to take into account door hinges.
  2. 5/8” spacer for side walls of cabinet.
  3. 1/16th & 1/8th spacers to fine tune fit.
  4. Accuride ball bearing slides.
  5. ¾” # 8 particle board screws to attach spacers to side wall of cabinet. (Check that the walls of cabinet are at least 5/8” thick).
  6. #8 1 ¼” or 1 ½” particle board screws
  7. #6 1/2” wood screws to attach inner slide to drawer.
  8. 13 mm Euro screws to attach spacers to slide.
  9. Door protectors and #6 ¾” wood screws.


  1. Battery powered drill 12v or 18v use low torque.
  2. Level, magnetic is preferable as slides are metal.
  3. Aluminium or wooden ruler.
  4. A square.

 Mount  inner slide  to the drawer.

Use flipper on slide to remove inner slide.

We mount inner slide 3/8” from bottom of drawer and edge of dovetail (approximately ¼”) from front of drawer. Always pre-drill as we are drilling into a hardwood. Attach left side with ½” screws, first using the vertical slots at front and back, then secure with 2 additional screws in round slots.  (4 x 1/2” screws)

On the right side repeat as above but we are going to mount only the vertical slots. This will enable us to fine tune levelling on completion by moving inner slide up or down as needed to level. Most cabinets are melamine and we do not want to drill too many holes in cabinet in our attempt to level. Far easier to move inner slide mounted to drawer up or down.

This is a good time to attach door protectors to drawers. Butt door protector to clear wood of dovetail and pre-drill. Attach door protector with #6 ¾” wood screws. Bottom drawer may have hinge problem and we may need to drill into dovetail. Pre-drill and hand screw with #6 ¾” wood screw.

Mounting bottom drawer slides to wall of cabinet using ¾” spacer and planning for additional drawers in cabinet.

Remove doors from cabinet.

  1. How many drawers are going into cabinet.?
  2. Measure items you plan to store in cabinet to determine height between drawers.
  3. Use a wooden or aluminium ruler and mark off height of drawers on both sides of cabinet. Use a square and pencil horizontal lines on cabinet walls. In video we show lining up with bottom of slide. However it is always easier to line up using top of slide. Adjust your pencil lines up by 1 3/4” to take into account height of slide.
  4. Place slide into cabinet 3/8” from front of cabinet.
  5. Using a 2 x ¾” screws attach both slides to wall of cabinet.
  6. Remove slides and using the holes drilled in step 5 mount 2 x ¾” spacers using 1 ¼” screws.
  7. Fix spacer to cabinet with ¾” # 8 screws. Remove 1 ¼” screws.
  8. We now attach slides to spacers using the 13 mm euro screws or 1 ½” #8 screws. Preferred method is to use the euro screws in melamine cabinets. Repeat steps 4 to 8 on the opposite side of cabinet.
  9. You are now ready to slide bottom drawer into cabinet. Ball bearings mesh must be lined up in front of slide.

We want to make sure drawer is sliding easily. We are looking for a tight fit but not to snug.


 Side mounting slides using 5/8” spacer

NOTE: If you have fixed melamine shelves in the cabinet you can mount on the fixed shelves following instructions in step 4 to 8. This is obviously easiest method of install as there is no need to level. The fixed shelves can be removed on completion and used again to install next drawer.

  1. Remove bottom drawer to give extra work space. It is always easier to start from bottom drawer moving up the cabinet to prevent bumping your head on a drawer or hardware.
  2. Find the pencilled lines we drew in step 2 and attach slide to cabinet using 2 x # 8 ¾” screws , make sure slide is 3/8” from front of cabinet. It is always easier to line up using top of slide.
  3. Using magnetic level check that slide is level. Remove screws and slides.
  4. Attach 5/8” spacers with 1 ¼” screws using holes drilled in step 11 above. Using 2 x ¾” screws fix spacers vertically to cabinet. We have now attached the spacers to the cabinet. Remove 1 ¼’ screws place slide on spacer and attach slide to spacer using 13mm euro screws or 1 ½” #8 screws. Preferred method is to use euro screws in melamine cabinets. Complete above for both sides of cabinet.
  5. Slide drawer into cabinet to check fit.
  6. If necessary and add 1/16th or 1/8th spacers to achieve a snug fit.
  1. Make sure drawer is level. If there is a discrepancy adjust ½” screws on inner slide up or down to level drawer in cabinet. (discussed in step #1)
  2. Repeat above steps to mount remaining drawers. Always remove drawers from cabinet to allow sufficient working space.