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(3 3/8" Drawers Only)

The width of our drawer is custom made to fit your cabinet. We do not recommend manufacturing a drawer less than 8” or greater than 35” width.
The dimension required is the clear inside cabinet opening from side to side. This is usually the distance between the two horizontal cabinet walls. This dimension may be smaller due to intrusions, like hinges or door placement. It is important that the door opens at least 90 degrees, so the drawer will slide out unhindered. Always provide a clear cabinet opening when ordering and we’ll adjust for hardware. Ball bearing slides require 1” of space and Blum Tandem & Movelto 3/8”. The cabinet will also need spacers. Floor of cabinet require ¾” spacer to clear each hinge. (2 x ¾” spacer for cabinet with 2 doors) It is a good idea to measure the opening between bottom hinges to ascertain whether 2 x ¾” spacers are sufficient.
We use 5/8” spacer on wall of cabinet. (2 x 5/8” spacer for a cabinet with 2 doors)
Unfortunately there does not appear to be a standard for mounting door hinges. Ball bearing require 1 ¾” vertical space. Make sure hinges give at least 2” clearance from floor of cabinet. If hinges height is less than 2” drawer will be substantially smaller in width as slide must be mounted in front of hinge. In this scenario it may be better to re-drill hinge cavity higher up the cabinet.

Our Custom drawers are manufactured in depths from 10″ to 28″. We try to maximise depth and our rule of thumb is to make drawer 5/8” smaller than full depth of cabinet. Standard kitchen cabinet is normally 23″ in depth and a standard bathroom 20″. Please note any protrusions like pipes, wires, outlets and adjust your depth measurement accordingly. It may be better in some cases to make a narrower drawer that is full depth to avoid these protrusions than to make a shallower drawer full width.

3 3/8”, 4 1/8”, 5 3/8”

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