Kitchen Gliding Shelves

The average kitchen cabinet is 22 inches in depth, making it impossible to fully organize and access items. Obviously not ideal for today's busy home owner, who may be a Costco customer purchasing in bulk. Our gliding shelves offer a solution as they will help keep your food items and small appliances organized. Eliminate bending and kneeling to find items on the bottom shelf simply slide the shelf out and easily find everything you need.

Rev-a-Shelf means storage solutions for your kitchen and other home cabinets. They are the leading USA innovator of residential cabinet storage and organizational products, and we are proud to offer their solutions here in the Toronto area. Sliding waste and recycle bins, base cabinet pull outs, Lazy Susans and blind corner pull outs are some of the clever devices they have designed to improve the storage capacity and accessibility of your kitchen.

Our sliding shelves make it possible to reach the back corner of every cupboard, by bringing the back corner and all of its contents front & centre on a pullout shelf. It's that simple. No major renovations. No demolition & replacement of your existing cupboards. No change to the look of your kitchen (or bathroom, or family room, or garage). We simply install our affordable shelves to make full use of your existing storage space and recapture those lost areas.

If you are looking for an economical way to organize your shelves and add value to your home, take a good look at our pull out pantry and sliding shelf solutions. For more information, or to schedule a FREE in-home consultation, please fill out the form to the right or call us at 647-748-0144.

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